An “entertaining” story about your grandmother, your cat or just your way to work – some people just need to express their thoughts and can’t stop. Of course, it’s important to be polite and not interrupt people, but it can get to the point where they start wasting their time on stupid things. So the most important thing here is to “fight” for yourself and know how to escape from these people.

We have brought you a list of 6 useful tips that can help you end any conversation that has gone too far. Don’t worry, you won’t seem rude, because you’ll know how to do it with style. Let us begin!

How to end a conversation with someone who won't stop talking

How to save yourself from someone who talks too much

listen politely

How to end a conversation with someone who won't stop talking

The first step is to listen patiently. It is important to find out what this person is trying to tell you. Perhaps there is an important thought that he is trying to express or a feeling that he needs to show. Or maybe they want to be admired. If it’s really important, the speech shouldn’t take long.

Ask often what the main point is

It may happen that the person continues to drift from the topic, talking more about irrelevant things and details. In that case, it’s good to remind them of the main point of your conversation. Y

You can also question them about it so that they have to return from heaven to earth. After all, it’s good to show people that they should respect your time.

Ask if you can interrupt them

How to end a conversation with someone who won't stop talking

If after all your previous attempts to end the conversation, they still haven’t stopped, then it might be time to be more assertive. You can ask them politely but confidently if they mind being interrupted.

Some of them may notice that the conversation has gone on too long and some may ask you to let them finish their thought.

It’s okay to let them end here, since you really don’t have a choice. But as soon as you feel like they’re going to move on to another topic, this is your chance to interrupt again.

turning tables

After interrupting them, you can “flip the game”. Instead of interrupting the conversation completely, you can add a comment about them. adding a similar story about you, your dog or your friend can have a positive effect. It will make them feel the way you feel and they may stop talking.

Tell them you don’t have time

How to end a conversation with someone who won't stop talking

Sometimes people just can’t understand. It won’t hurt to push them a little harder. By telling them that you no longer have time to listen to them, you will show that you are very busy right now and that they can no longer bother you.

You can add that as soon as you finish your work, you can end the conversation. And if they come back to finish the talk, you can always say, “Not now, I’m still busy.”

Agree on a specific talk time

It can also help to remind them that you have a busy schedule. In some cases, you may even complain about the lack of time and the number of things that have to be done.

If you see that he really wants to finish the talk, propose a specific time to do it again. By doing this, you can once again emphasize that it is not easy for you to choose, as you have a lot of work to do.

Have you ever met someone who can’t stop talking? How do you deal with these people? Let’s share our stories in the comments section!