Although female empowerment is being embraced around the world, some women would love to have a dominant partner. research says that girls are raised in such a way that they unconsciously respond sexually to a partner who takes charge and makes all the decisions.

Many of us are not even aware that we are attracting dominant partners and personality plays a big role here. We’d love to highlight the reasons why attracting dominant partners is more of a standard than a choice.

Why some of us look for dominant partners

Women are attracted to bad boys

5 Reasons People Might Seek Dominant Partners
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This is not a stereotype, but a fact in itself. Dominant men tend to smoke and drink excessively, get tattoos, and exhibit impulsive behavior. These activities are simply a thrill for women, so they become easy targets and more like damsels in distress.

This, in turn, makes the “bad guys” inflexible and in control. No wonder you fall head over heels for men in power!

You choose someone who can make all the decisions for both of you

5 Reasons People Might Seek Dominant Partners
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There is an underlying belief that your life would be an easy ride if you didn’t have to make decisions for yourself. And that’s why you prefer to be with partners who can take charge and make all the decisions for you. Then you get used to this pattern, which makes you totally dependent on them.

You find nice people boring

5 Reasons People Might Seek Dominant Partners
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You don’t prefer a partner who just enjoys romantic outings, holding hands all the time. Instead, you prefer a partner who has an adventurous side, someone who can take you on a wild ride where you are both delighted with what life has to offer. Here are some real “partner goals” for you.

Do not confuse dominance with aggression and abuse

5 Reasons People Might Seek Dominant Partners
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Of course, being a domineering person is great, but sometimes it can also make a person violent. This does not mean that dominant people are not loving, but they can love you to the extent that you make them more controlling.

Understand the difference between abuse and domination. If you were forced to do things against your will, that is abuse. If you find yourself in a situation like this, seek help anyway.

Childhood has more impact on your life than you think

5 Reasons People Might Seek Dominant Partners

Over time, their relationship is very much determined by how they grew up. One or both parents were or are naturally dominant. You have become accustomed to this lifestyle, and unconsciously you also look for the same characteristics in your partner.

Your submissive nature kicks in and you end up attracting dominant partners to meet the standard again. Since it was created with exactly this arrangement, you expect the same from your external environment as well.

Do you have a dominant partner or are you yourself? How has this changed your life? Let us know in the comments below.