Many of the things that once seemed precious to us, like working from home and spending more time with our partner or family, can be more difficult than we thought. Being stuck in a rut, lack of space for oneself, or little time for friends or for oneself can be some of the consequences of spending too much time with our partner.

Understanding that there are many couples going through something like this, Bright Side has prepared a series of tips to renew “the air” in the relationship and help couples enjoy spending more time together.

How to renew love in a relationship?

Don’t neglect family and friends

5 tips to renew the relationship with your partner if you spend too much time together

Being in a relationship offers a feeling of comfort and, therefore, other relationships can be neglected. This can generatecodependency”, wanting everything to revolve around the couple to the point of isolating each other from their social, professional and family life.

Some of the characteristics of a person with a tendency to be codependent are fear of loneliness, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, breakup panic and much more.

So that this does not reach a harmful level, such as communicating only with that person, leaving aside personal dreams, work goals and other effective relationships, it is necessary to recognize this in time and not leave everything else that is also an important part. of life behind.

Instead of assuming, it’s better to ask

5 tips to renew the relationship with your partner if you spend too much time together

It is good to reflect on what our partner needs, what can help him and how we can make him a little happier. But many times we can have a wrong idea of ​​what the other wants or demands, and this can be avoided in a very simple way: by asking.

Say something like “What do you need?” or “What annoys you about me?” or “How can I contribute to your happiness?” It can open up an enriching dialogue for both of you and help you avoid unnecessary arguments.

Try to understand the reason behind your boredom

5 tips to renew the relationship with your partner if you spend too much time together

the feeling of to be bored sometimes it is subtle and it is difficult to recognize if we are really bored or not. But this feeling can manifest itself in other ways that are easier to identify, such as anger, irritation, or the slightest attraction.

If this begins to happen, a good exercise is to ask ourselves what are the internal reasons that perhaps make us feel this way and if routine tasks or boredom lurk.

Some solutions for this could be:

  • Resume activities that you both liked and that, for some reason, stopped doing
  • Being romantically creative
  • Making nice gestures for each other
  • Escape somewhere for a few days.

The ways to break with the routine are as varied as one wishes.

Find a balance between time with your partner and time alone

5 tips to renew the relationship with your partner if you spend too much time together

Spending a lot of time together can lead to shared activities that you might, given the choice, prefer to do separately. This is not due to a lack of affection towards your partner, but because there are things that you simply prefer to do alone or with other people around you.

That is why it is important to find out what things they prefer to do together and other things.

Daily household activities like folding laundry, doing laundry, or walking the dog can also be ways to be alone for a while. In other words, if physical separation is possible, so much the better.

This will balance the time spent together and the time spent apart, and this “distance” will make the partners miss each other, which will bring excitement to the reunion.

Facing bad situations with humor

5 tips to renew the relationship with your partner if you spend too much time together

Not only is it important to have fun with friends and family, but keeping a good mood between you and your partner is also a priority. This can be achieved by proposing games, walks and activities.

Even thinking of a simple joke that puts him in a different frame of mind than his normal routine can help. All this breaks with the usual repetition to which we are accustomed, bringing positivity to the environment.

What do you think is the healthiest way to divide your time between family, friends and partner? What activities do you like to do alone and what do you like to do with your partner?