Is it possible that men have secret fears? They look so strong and determined! “No way!” That’s what a lot of women would say. However, this is just another stereotype imposed by society. We are against stereotypes. That is why today we will tell you 10 things that really worry most men.

9. How her body looks

From an early age, women are taught to think that their body should be ideal at all times. They think that they should exercise constantly and follow a diet.

There are no such stereotypes about men, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their physical condition or compare it to well-trained men in magazines.

Otherwise, why would men spend so much time in the gym? His worst fear is someone mentioning his beer belly.

8. Money

Money is one of the most popular reasons men worry. They are educated as future breadwinners of the family. A man may not even have a girlfriend, but they still worry about his financial situation, because they think that the most necessary thing for a relationship is money.

However, care and attention are much more important for women. If we are wrong and what really matters to a girl is money, then she is not worth your time.

7. Height


How can a man not worry if one of the main characteristics of “an ideal man” is to be tall? If women cared less about height, men who are not that tall would have a better chance. Size doesn’t matter if it’s not the size of your heart.

6. Other men can be a threat

Men’s jealousy is usually not as obvious as that of women; however, it affects their self-esteem. Your partner may not show any signs of concern when you tell him about a colleague with a wonderful sense of humor.

But know this: He cares a lot and compares you to a potential competitor. To break the fear, you need to be honest with him and explain that there is absolutely no threat.

5. Little relationship experience

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The image of a macho man is everyone’s worst nightmare because it makes them try to look like seasoned lovers and lie about how many ex-girlfriends they’ve had.

In fact, they are just as afraid of doing something wrong as women. Support and honesty in everything related to your relationship will help you feel more secure.

4. Hair

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Body and head hair is always a problem for men. A little body hair, what if it doesn’t look masculine enough? Too Much Hair – Is It Too Scary Or Too Messy?

And being bald is usually the worst thing that can happen. You can make things worse if you mention these problems to your partner.

3. His relationship with his girlfriend

How many articles have been written in women’s magazines about saving relationships? However, if men start discussing this, women may find it strange.

Of course, men are “brutal”, so they shouldn’t worry about little things like relationships, right? But men also want everything to be okay, so let them worry.

2. How many partners had a girl before him

If a woman has more partners than a man before they meet, then the man will have to compete with them. In addition, your partner may also be concerned that they are less experienced than you.

The most important thing is to explain that the past is in the past and that there is nothing to worry about.

1. Open expression of emotions

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“Do not Cry! You’re a man!” This is what men always heard when they were children. Their parents wanted to make them strong and able to protect their families, but we think it’s not a good idea.

They are afraid of appearing weak, of showing their true emotions. Do not add fuel to the fire and do not talk about how a man should deal with difficulties. He doesn’t owe anyone anything.