When we see someone with dark circles under their eyes, our initial thought is probably, “Oh, he’s sleep deprived!” But medical experts have discovered that there are more than a handful of factors that contribute to these dark circles, in addition to fatigue.

Today, we cover the reasons why you might have dark circles under your eyes, as well as share some tips on how you can combat them to keep your face looking fresh.

Why do we have circles under the eyes?

Why do we have dark circles and how to get rid of them?
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The reason behind dark circles is different from person to person, but a common cause is that the shadows under the eyes are caused by a lack of free flow of oxygen in the blood vessels, which leads to hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by a amino acids called melanin. What is commonly known as dark circles, can be attributed to the unconscious act of rubbing the eyes, excessive sun exposure, or inadequate sleep.

while other factors include genetics and aging. However, dark circles can also be caused for medical conditions, such as allergies, eczema, dermatitis and anemia.

How to fight dark circles?

Why do we have dark circles and how to get rid of them?
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Melanin is a natural brown or black pigment in our body, responsible for giving color to our skin, hair, eyes, and some other body parts.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent excess melanin from getting under your eyes and giving you those gloomy eye bags.

5. Avoid direct sunlight

Ask any dermatologist and they will tell you to keep your face out of direct sunlight. Sunlight not only forces our skin to age faster, but the harmful ultraviolet rays can also damage the skin.

This aging of the skin leads to the formation of bags and dark circles. So if you plan on staying out in the sun, put on sunscreen and wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat!

4. Try natural ingredients

Why do we have dark circles and how to get rid of them?
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Common ingredients that you can find in your own home, such as used cucumbers and tea bags, can be beneficial in combating dark circles.

Cucumbers have great cooling and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce under-eye puffiness, while the caffeine and tannins in tea bags also help reduce inflammation and tighten skin.

For best results, apply cucumber or tea bags for 5 minutes as a cold compress to dark circles, then rinse face.

3. Prepare an icy facial

Why do we have dark circles and how to get rid of them?
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In the same way that cold cucumbers and tea bags can reduce puffiness in the eye bags, using an ice cube or cold compress (or ice pack) can also reduce puffiness from dark circles under the eyes. expensive.

Ice application also speeds up skin healing and gives skin a refreshed, healthy glow.

2. Get enough sleep

Why do we have dark circles and how to get rid of them?
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When our bodies don’t sleep, our skin tends to pale, making the darkness under our eyes more noticeable.

As the skin under our eyes is very thin, it can easily darken due to tiredness, due to the constant dilation of blood vessels.

For adults, it is important to sleep at least 7 to 9 hours a day to keep the face fresh and young.

1. Apply moisturizers and healing oils

Why do we have dark circles and how to get rid of them?
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Hydrate your face with beneficial moisturizing oils to prevent lines and wrinkles. Choose facial products rich in antioxidants, which can have a positive impact on dark circles.

The massaging motion you use when you apply something to your face also helps improve blood circulation, thus preventing blood vessels from pooling or constricting.

Some popular choices for daily moisturizers are vitamin E or C cream, almond oil, and coconut oil.

What did you do to treat your dark circles?