I know I’m not Buzzfeed…but I thought this could be fun. You know those “10 Signs You Were Raised in the 1980s” and other fun articles? Hmmm…it makes me wonder. What would the signs be that you’ve had Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve Surgery? These are based on my years working with bariatric patients. I’d love to hear what you’d like to add!

1. Your co-worker heard a strange noise and doesn’t bat an eye…knowing it was your stomach.

Patients often ask me why their new pouch makes odd gurgling noises. It could be too big of bites or eating too quickly (careful, a culprit to hunger issues and even weight re-gain) It could also just be your stomach moving around and making noises for all to hear 🙂

2. You have a space heater under your desk in the middle of July.

It may be in part to losing some “insulation” but many post-op WLS patients are colder than they’ve ever been using more blankets at night and space heaters to keep warm!

3. Your alarm just went off for the third time today to remember your next vitamin.

While bariatric vitamins have become much more simpler in recent years, it still takes reminders to get in your vitamins. Your family might even hear the alarm and hand you your calcium! Thankfully bariatric vitamins are much more simple than they used to be!

4. Protein is always first on your mind at your meals – it might as well be plastered inside your forehead.

Protein…protein..where’s the protein? Protein is what fills you up and keeps you full! You get the most out of your surgery when you focus on lean and solid protein sources. Find protein focused recipes on the FoodCoachMe weekly meal plans – written by a dietitian with the post-op patient in mind! 

5. Your waitress keeps asking if the food is okay. And if you’re sure you don’t want a drink.

When you can only eat an ounce or so, the wait staff may think something is wrong with the food. And what do you mean you don’t want anything to drink??

6. Your pants are barely holding on but you’re still holding off to go shopping.

Just make sure you don’t carry a heavy object and walk up a flight of stairs. At least not around anyone 🙂

7. Speaking of shopping, you still go to the plus sized section first out of habit. 

It’s hard to wrap your mind around your new body. Leave plenty of time and stay patient with yourself as you find out what size your body is. Take a good friend to be your “runner” and someone to talk it out with.

8. You get overjoyed at the release of a new protein bar flavor…or a sale on your favorite protein bars.

Quest® has a new flavor?!?!??! Ahhhhh!!!!!!

9. You rejoice at the small things like crossing your legs or getting a pair of boots that zip up your calves. 

Some things you’ll never take for granted again. It may seem like nothing to others, but to you it’s something big.

10. You use lingo like “wls”…”bariatric friendly”…”pouch”…”vsg”…

You gotta know the lingo to be in the club! #wls #vsg #vsginstacrew #vsgcommunity #vsgjourney #vsglife

11. You smile as you think of how far you’ve come and get excited to think of where you’ll be soon. 

I hear it all the time. Patients wonder why they didn’t have their surgery sooner. While I’m a firm believer that the timing works out perfectly, I love hearing someone describe their experience with such appreciation for the change they’ve experience. ***Sigh**** I love this job. (Enjoy some inspiring weight loss success stories #Subscribe

    Original Source: bariatricfoodcoach.com