Why Men Who Marry Women From Another Country Might Be Happier

Hunks like George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey found their happy endings with beautiful international women. Intercultural marriages are something special that can improve a man’s life.

A man can not only learn a lot from his wife, but also have more opportunities in life than before. We bring you all the reasons why men find international women so captivating and how they can improve their lives.

they learn a new language

Why men who marry women from another country can be happier

That can be the perfect excuse, and they even have their own personal teacher. Although both may speak the same language, families may not, so getting to know them is essential.

Of course, being bilingual (or trilingual!) brings huge benefits to your mind, as it will also give you a new perspective on the world.

they travel more

Why men who marry women from another country can be happier
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Of course, with a wife who has a family abroad, a lot of foreign travel comes. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to add a short vacation along the way to visit family and friends.

Skipping flights can turn into mini-adventures by visiting places you never thought you’d visit. There is also the added benefit of having 2 passports, giving you the opportunity to travel more easily.

According to a studythis improves relationships by strengthening communication, as couples who travel more are less likely to get divorced.

They get 2 weddings

Why men who marry women from another country can be happier
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There are never enough reasons to have fun with friends and family, and what better excuse than a wedding! Having a multicultural wedding can involve him in another lifestyle and can be a lot of fun for him.

However, recent studies tell us that this is becoming less commonas fewer people in the US are deciding to get married in recent decades.

They celebrate more holidays than before

Why men who marry women from another country can be happier
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Sharing cultural traditions can be an exciting part of any relationship, especially when it comes to celebrations and holidays.

Husbands can not only start new holidays, but also share their own traditions with their wives, reliving the excitement again.

Sharing these moments together can be an important part of a strong marriage, and studies show that a healthy marriage has enormous benefits for our body and mind.

They fall in love with food again

Why men who marry women from another country can be happier
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With another country and culture comes gastronomy, that is, the opportunity to discover a new favorite dish.

Food can be the gateway to a culture and a tasty way for him to understand more about his wife and where she is from.

In fact, anthropologists considers that food is very important for our social relationships and communication, since it is something that we can share together.

They have smarter kids

Studies show that learning two languages ​​as a child has a positive impact on your mental development. Most likely, both husband and wife are raising their children in their mother tongue.

Of course, there is always the added benefit of living outside of both home countries and introducing your child to a third language.

See your home with new eyes

Why men who marry women from another country can be happier
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Showing someone your city or country can give you a new perspective on where you grew up and lived. His curiosity and enthusiasm for things he considers totally normal can make him appreciate where he’s from again.

Interacting differently with the city, perhaps as a tourist, can help you discover the other side of home, as well as create new memories together in your city.

What do you think of intercultural marriage? When did you get married?

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